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Eden de Ys App: Fai by Kuumone Eden de Ys App: Fai by Kuumone
:new:EDIT: Tweaked and added whole bunch of info.
:new: Added a specialty that I found out from a red panda documentary

I'll add relationships with other pets soon ;u;

Yet another RP group X) :iconeden-de-ys:
I really really look forward to this one <333I swear it's not because of men in lingerie///...maybe yes


Alias / Nickname: Coral

Age: 18

Species: Red panda 

Height: 5' 6" (167cm)

Seme/Seke/Uke: Seke

Sadism/Masochism: Mild-S/ may change to complete M when desperate

Speciality/Talents: Climbingcurling into a ball|singing|"tasting"

● His red panda trait allows him to climb trees and curl his body with ease. He can "taste" the air around him by sticking his tongue out and analyzing the air by "tasting" it.
● He sings as a hobby, but isn't super amazing at it. He probably sounds like this...


Rank: D
Stamina: 2
Charm: 3
Wit: 4
Technique: 3
Willpower: 4

Wealth: $28855 (trusting on my feeble math skills)


Likes: Money|fuzzy stuff|oversized sweater|sour and/or sweet food|warmth|stir-fried bamboo shoot|Red Camellia 
Dislikes: Poverty|extreme heat or cold|rainlessons|mornings|spicy food|Any pets that are naturally predators of red panda (snow leopard, spotted ocelot, weasel(he grew up heard stories about big bad weasels snatching young red pandas at night), and so on) 

Personality: Sweet and innocent (outermost) |Arrogant and flirty (inside)|Greedy and child-like (innermost)

    Sweet and innocent: At first meeting, Fai maintains his sweet demeanor. He will pretend to not understand a sexual pun or a joke even if he did understand it, and wouldn't hesitate to smile like a child or shed a tear or two for impact. He will put up this act, so that his personality would match his appearance. First impression matters. 
    Arrogant and flirty: But his cute act is easy to break. Once he gets to know the other person a bit well, he will relax and be more casual with him. This is when he shows a bit of his sadistic style, pinching on other's cheek or glomping on top of them and suffocating them with his fluffy tail. He will quite often demand the others to do basic things for him, and tease others whom he see as fun to tease. He will no longer pretend to understand sexual puns and jokes and will make a few of them himself. This is his usual take-me-to-the-bed self.
    Greedy and child-like: Deep deep inside, he is a greedy little brat. He becomes very possessive and would do anything to get what he wants. And most of the time he wants attention and love (and money, of course). He can become quite clingy and shameless when he can't get what he wants, but he wouldn't become this much childish and straightforward as long as he can somehow cover up his desire.

History: Born as the second child in a poor family, there was always not enough money in Fai's house. He accepted any kind of work he could get, from delivering newspapers to being a "flower girl" in weddings. When his father got killed in an accident at his workplace, the load on each family member's shoulder increased. This was when he turned to petty crimes such as pickpocketing and stealing. As he ran away from 'popo' often, he discovered his talent at climbing and curling into small ball to hide in spaces. He hung out with the 'wrong crowd', and consequently his personality changed a bit as well. He was good at his job, and it made him feel arrogant and better than his other friends. He also picked up some seducing techniques to con drunk men into motels, robbing their wallet, and fly. 
   His family, of course, didn't approve this. After a huge fight his mom and older sister, he left the house out of anger. He lived on the streets for a few week, debating if he should go back home or not. When he finally mustered up the courage to come back home, they were not there; They couldn't pay the rent, so the landowner had kicked them out. 
    The only clue he had was what the landlord told him; They went to the city. He spent more days on the street after reaching the city, when he was taken in by a local church. They were kind people and very friendly. However, he continued to search for his family by sneaking out at night. One night, he saw his older sister handing out advertisement flyers on the street. They had a tearful reunion, and Fai was able to return to his family. His mother was able to get a job as a live-in maid in a rich household. They even had a room for themselves. The family agreed that Fai was allowed to live with his family together, and everything seemed to go fine.
    He tried his best to earn money and move to their own apartment. He took part-time jobs and worked hard. Son of the house owner bullied him a little bit, but he was fine with it. It only inspired him to work harder and leave the house as soon as possible. Well, he did put up a little revenge or two, swapping his shampoo with toothpaste or 'accidentally' misplacing his tail to trip him (in front of his parents, of course). When he was working in his part-time, a recruiter approached him and asked if he was looking for a better paid job: There is a high paying job, and they were looking for hard-working people like him. He, needing money, said yes and they took him on car. He needed to be back home by eight, he told them. They promised it won't take long... and he was guided through a long and wobbly hallway to a tight room filled with chairs and other participants. He waited seated as they told him to. Then, when he looked outside of the window, he was flying! They had definitely lied about being able to return by eight. Will he be able to even return at all? The plane landed on an island and he was injected with something called tracker on his left wrist. Now he just had to find a way to get out of this place as soon as possible.

● Mostly spend his time dangling from a tree when the weather is too hot.
● Likes to pretend he is a Snow White, singing to the birds to call them... when no one is watching.
● Never ever brush his hair when it's dry. It will get poofy.
● He is the only son of the family. He has an older sister and a twin little sisters.
● He is sensitive about being mistaken for a raccoon or a fox. Touchy feelings.
● He didn't like wetting his fur before, but he gave up after few hot days in the tropical island. Now he enjoys dipping in the stream or the ocean.
● He still hasn't learned how to swim, though.

Partners: none yet

Dorm: Maison de Vigne
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Aerotriste Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
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Kuumone Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Fai: My tail, you know, is fluffy~ okay? *smiles as he hugs his own tail*
Aerotriste Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
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Aaron: Heh, well ain't that convenient. Can't say the same for mine. *picks up his tail and lets it thump to the ground loudly*
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Kuumone Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Aerotriste Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014
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Kuumone Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fai: Fai... It's Fai! *beams*
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